Hunter, not hunted

This week has seen social media and tech giants throwing their weight around in a way that should bother everyone. A document known as the Great Barrington Declaration was signed by numerous infectious disease experts and scientists, outlining the damage done by current COVID policies. However, online searches for the document were missing from results, seemingly censored by Google.

Academics and left-leaning media attempted to discredit the Declaration by claiming it was funded by the Koch brothers, that it is the product of climate change-deniers, and was endorsed by fake signatories which turned out to be hackers trying to undermine it.

In addition to this, social media decided to carry water for the Progressive cause by preemptively deciding that a story dropped by the New York Post regarding Hunter Biden was disinformation and needed to be hidden from the public. Twitter and Facebook initially disappeared the story, and suspended accounts that attempted to link to it, before they slapped an “unsafe” warning label on it. The Post’s story revealed emails recovered from a laptop which raise many questions regarding Hunter Biden’s dealing with foreign oligarchs and Joe Biden’s knowledge of them. 

While the corrupt dealings of the troubled son of a presidential nominee are worrying enough, the way media and big tech continue to censor speech and shape a Progressive narrative is also a massive concern. Mark Hemingway didn’t waste any words on Issues, Etc, saying that the decision of big tech companies to block a credible story (this isn’t Hunter Biden’s first scandal) that has implications for the Democratic campaign is dangerous.

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