War is coming

If Jesus tarries, it seems inevitable that the violent clash of ideologies will eventually spill over into even more of the tremendous societal fracturing that is we see resulting from the crack put in Chronos’ reign by COVID. If the parousia delays for another decade or century, then the end of the pax Americana is not only a possibility, but an increasingly likelihood.

I do not think this is alarmist.

Jesus Christ is not a new god, but an Old One. Winter is always coming.

So let’s not be shy about these gray and latter days: Most of us were hooked on the wrong myth for the last eighty years, and it nearly snuffed out Christianity. Our godless fear, love and trust in technology (“clock worship”) according to the oracular preaching of its priests and ministers (#ABC #NBC #CBS #FDR #JFK #GOOGLE #JECKYLFED #AZON) had overwhelmed our corporate spiritual discernment to such a wide extent that we were no doubt on a trajectory that ended with our total destruction. Thank God that rather than give his sons up to the serpent, he condescended to use whatever conspiracy(-ies) were behind COVID to wake us all up to the greatest conspiracy of all: the utter lukewarmness of our own hearts.

As if by divine (or at least a blue moon) conjunction, TRUMP! Derangement Syndrome has amplified this divergence amongst anti-communists of all stripes, from Antifa to Dan Bongino (sic), all at the same moment that the authors of the Great Reset are hitting the “ludicrous speed” button on their agenda to end meat eating and property ownership (among other traditional American normalities) by 2030. 

(“Who?” you ask. “The U.N.,” Dr. Koontz answers on the upcoming Thursday release of A Brief History of Power as we lay out the goods for you on the multinational organization Davos.) In the mean time, just like the proverbial red pill, “waking up” means having your previously idolatrous mind-meld with your worldly flesh yanked out the back of your skull. God crumbling your dreams to dust right before your eyes can be a bit disorienting. At first, it is impossible to realize the magnitude of what has even happened. As the ooze settles, the power of your delusions truly dawn:

You are not on TV. You never will be on TV. Even if you were or are on TV, you are still not on TV because no one one is actually ever “on” TV. Or in the movies. No one is on the internet. Or on the radio.

We are all in our bodies. Breathing. Fearing. Hoping. Reacting. Denying. And, these days, all too often feeling alone. Life is not a TV show, a book, a commercial, a joke, a chance, an opportunity, a mistake or a flaw. It is an F.P.S.R.P.M.M. Dystopic Sci-Fi Puzzle Adventure Magically Real Life that is in the process of a cosmic viral server purge and reset.

For my part, one year ago, my future was largely a set path, a story I’d been told over the course of my life which I’d come to believe would remain fixed for another lifetime because: “America!” (sales, patents, copyrights and good branding).

I was wrong, and I couldn’t be more thankful. What was a sterile, isolated world of global fatalism has reinvented before my eyes into real world survival, not-simulation rooted in the unlikely, but the God-blessed survival of my arcane religion as a more solid anchor in these storms, more than any of the other modern myths have proven. 

What more could a young man ask for? 

Being immortal makes a massive difference in your perspective as you wrestle with the collapse of the worlds you thought were too big to fail. 

μεθυω is the Greek word for “utter intoxication.” It is the grandpa root of modern methamphetamines as well as the magical ecstasies of Delphi and the Harlot on the Beast.
μεθυω is the very opposite of watchfulness or readiness.The opposite of μεθυω is νεφω, which Saint Paul insists is yours in 1 Thessalonians 5. Often translated as sobriety, beyond the mere avoidance of any demonstrably negative and stupefying substance effects, νεφω also means to partake of profitable libations. That is to say, to be sober is more than to “not be” something. It is “to be” something better. Rather than degenerate, the Christians mind seeks to regenerate, or to have what the pagan Greeks called λογισμος (a self-reliant and indomitably clear, directive inner voice).

Therefore now we shall not slumber as the many others, but we shall watch with sober-mindfulness (1 Thessalonians 5:6). Saint Paul promises: Christianity is a self-talk that leads itself to mental clarity and resists the degenerating effects of the hysterias driven upon the mythologies of all times.

When Peter walked to our Lord upon the waves, the waters of creation rose to meet his feet according to the perfect design of our Lord just so long as Peter did not try to make it happen. The key here is to avoid panic. Whatever is coming next where you are, assess it honestly, keeping all that you are fixed on the true story of how Jesus Christ has sustained your faith from the beginning. 

Steeples and flags will fall, and the powers of the earth shall be shaken. But not Christ. If he is coming back tomorrow, there is nothing to lose in selling it all out for him now. If there is a global war on the horizon, the story is no different. Normal is whatever today was, and that much is a gift from God even if bombs are falling from the sky. If the last thing I see is two suns in the sunset, I’ll watch and sing as the ministers of fire come to carry me home.

Because if our Lord tarries, and the end of the Pax Americana is not only possible but increasingly likely, this does not mean it is time for Christian men to cower in fear behind pagan civilization’s trans-drogenized skirts. It means that you were born and baptized to wake up for this very moment.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound, 

Rev. Fisk

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