Space-aged wine

Some crazy stories from the final frontier: The Dragon X spacecraft will return to earth with some bottles of wine and grape plants which have been aging in space. Not to be outdone, a pub in England has sent a samosa into space to show that their food is “out of this world.” 

Now you can fly me to the moon in a balloon. Well, near enough. Space Perspective will take up where the air is rarified.Life may have slowed down a little over the last year, but as it turns out the earth has been spinning a little faster than usual in recent decades. Scientists have added “leap seconds” to the year to keep their clocks running accurately.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s an indoor drone! Think of it as a flying security guard, so no more playing Galaga in your cubicle.

In a weird Big Brother move, Tom Cruise has apparently paid a bunch of money for two robots to patrol the set of his latest film. Cruise recently lashed out at crew members who weren’t observing physical distancing, warning that production would be shut down if they didn’t comply. 

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