Chills are multipyin’

It would seem every man and his dog has something to say about Texas and it being sucked into a polar vortex recently. Great emphasis was put on the freezing of wind turbines which provide around 22% of Texas’ energy, with some attempt to blame “green” energy policy as the problem. (There is something satisfying about seeing helicopters running on fossil fuel being used to defrost the giant blades.)  PJ Media pointed out that the rise in reliance on wind energy has meant that “many coal-powered generation plants have been taken offline around the state.”

But there was pushback from others, saying that weatherized windmills work just fine in places colder than Texas. Bloomberg pointed out that “frozen instruments at natural gas, coal and even nuclear facilities” should be factored in.

The Revolver News blog blamed aging infrastructure as well as lack of maintenance and warned that the disaster in the Lone Star state should be a wake-up call for every state. John Daniel Davidson didn’t mince his words at The Federalist, writing that politicking, greedy corporations, and bad policy are to blame. Davidson says the entire energy industry is a “corrupt and parasitic enterprise whose failures come at the expense of ordinary Americans.”

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