Mr Ngo and the rioters

It’s clear that the Main Stream Media have done a fairly ordinary job reporting on the “idea” known as Antifa. While the Summer of Love saw violent riots and looting at the hands of black clad, balaclava-wearing mobs, progressive politicians and media allies had mostly peaceful commentary, shrugging off the accusations that they were adding fuel to the fire. Even the fact-checkers showcased the blurry responses.

Andy Ngo, a journalist based in Portland came to prominence for reporting what was really happening on the ground from the beginning of the protests there. Despite being hospitalized after a violent attack by Antifa members, Ngo has continued to attend protests. His reporting paints a very different picture than the one portrayed by local Washington media, and consequently, national news outlets.

Ngo recently joined The Federalist podcast and the conversation is well worth a listen. Ngo discusses how Antifa groups retain high levels of secrecy and have sophisticated training courses which radicalize their supporters. He identifies high-profile attorneys who frequently rule in favor of Antifa and cites examples of those convicted of violence being bailed out, using money from wealthy donors.

Ngo believes that Antifa is now too big a problem for a single law enforcement or political figure to tackle, saying that it and its enablers have silenced opposition and scared governors into compliance. He says that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are sister organizations, noting that the chants of protestors for either, are one and the same. As Ngo points out, it is a mutually advantageous alliance. Antifa have been able to gain status by attaching themselves to a socially-acceptable and respected cause, while BLM have a small army on stand-by, ready to pummel any opposition into silence.

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