Opt out

SnapChat, Facebook and other apps have voiced concern over upcoming changes in Apple’s iOS. Apple is going to require that users actively “opt in” to tracking on its devices. Facebook, etc., say the changes threaten their business. Although it looks like Apple is just doing the right thing, MDM blog has noted that what Apple gives with the right hand, it takes with the left. Using the language of “tracking”… Read More Opt out

Cattle on a thousand hills

Eating meat is clearly “Western privilege”: Microsoft’s gajillionaire founder, Bill Gates, has said rich countries should be eating synthetic beef because: climate change. Meanwhile, a California start up hopes to make meat from thin air.” According to many critics, Western billionaires do not make the best farmers.” While Bill and Melinda Gates have been in the spotlight recently for buying… Read More Cattle on a thousand hills

Sex. Drugs. And CU Portland.

Concordia Portland’s outgoing Schlimpert has a long of history of looking the other way. The same week that the House passed the baby-sacrificing “Equality Act,” further entrenching groundwork for trans-education coming soon in a preschool near you, Charles Schlimpert, retiring President of now-liquidating Concordia University, Portland, (one of several Universities of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod… Read More Sex. Drugs. And CU Portland.