Different strokes

By some accounts, President Biden’s recent townhall was a little bit lackluster. To the dismay of many, the President fumbled a question regarding the Chinese Communist Party’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims in that country. While former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, made a credible case that the despicable campaign against the people group amounted to a genocide, President Biden dismissed it as just a different cultural norm.

The President also said recently that America is lagging behind China in infrastructure projects. The glacial conditions experienced across much of the US this winter have left no doubt that there are some improvements to be made on that front. However, Spectator‘s Chinese Whispers podcast unpacked the President’s claim that China is “eating our lunch” when it comes to infrastructure. Economist George Magnus joined the hostess, discussing the CCP’s creative bookkeeping and the dangers of trying to emulate Xi Jinping’s model of growth.Republicans are calling for the US to boycott the winter Olympics, which are to be held in China next year. China has threatened sanctions against any country who boycotts.

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