Sights and sounds

Built in 537, the Hagia Sophia in Turkey is the largest church of the Byzantine empire and was also the largest enclosed space for a millennium. With the fall of Constantinople in 1453, it was claimed by the Ottomans and has been used predominantly as a mosque ever since. 

The design of the church creates an astonishing 11-second reverberation, perfect, no doubt, for medieval chants! A vocal group has recorded chants using acoustic settings to recreate the sound of the 6th-century cathedral.

Easter celebrations around the world captured in photos.

What sound does a spider make when it scurries across its web? One blogger highlights the faked sounds featured in nature documentaries. Because noises in the wild are hard to capture, sound effects are often left to Foley artists’ imaginations.

Australian photographer, Murray Fredericks, uses the massive salt pan of Lake Eyre to make his surreal images. Let’s just say, his work is not your normal day at the office.

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