We reported earlier this year about the military’s embrace of the ideals of Progressivism. Rather than focusing on lethality, the armed forces seem distracted over ensuring women and transgender soldiers are in their ranks, meeting racial diversity quotas, developing maternity flight suits and snuffing out “domestic” terrorism. Peachy Keenan has written for the American Mind saying that many servicemen are afraid to… Read More Military

It’s not an exact science

Matt Taibbi has written a great piece about the rise and rise of fact-checking. He writes that as trust in media has dropped precipitously in the last few years, “many organizations have chosen to trumpet fact-checking programs as a way of advertising their dedication to “truth.”    Time magazine also wrote about how checking has shifted. Once a way of saving a publication from… Read More It’s not an exact science

Take this job and shove it

Tennessee Governor, Bill Lee, has opted his state out of federal unemployment supplements and other benefits, saying that people need meaningful employment, not government handouts. Businesses across the country are struggling to find workers, as stimulus payments outstrip wages in retail and hospitality jobs. President Biden says people want to work – but only if the price is right.. Teen Vogue,… Read More Take this job and shove it

Welcome to Everywhere

Coby Lefkowitz wrote an interesting essay for Medium, asking “why everywhere looks the same.” He documents the way modern housing developments have a particular homogeneity to them. He writes that this cut-and-paste method of building means you can see pretty similar apartment blocks in Tampa or in Fargo. Lefkowitz summarizes the reasons for the trend of recycling building designs… Read More Welcome to Everywhere

Rare steak with a side of soft power

Mad Monday readers will no doubt be aware of the trend for everything “plant-based.” Influential recipe and food site, Epicurious announced last week that it will no longer publish beef recipes. The New York Times reported that a soon-to-be-released document from the UN is expected to recommend targeting methane emissions as “particularly valuable in the short-term fight against climate change.” One reporter outlines how… Read More Rare steak with a side of soft power

Who wants it more?

Richard Hanania, a research fellow at Columbia University, has written a great piece pondering why “everything is liberal.” Though voting in elections falls fairly evenly between Democrats and Republicans, business and institutions are clearly embracing Leftist values. Considering data such as who is more likely to donate, or sign a petition, or attend a rally, Hanania concludes… Read More Who wants it more?