Consider a Well-Mixed Room

The prestigious boys at M.I.T. have done the honest man a favor by publishing the results of a new study which emphatically clears the air about COVID / SARS-2 status and prevention as an aerosol-style virus.

Let’s begin with some of their research:

On second thought, let’s sum up: if you are in a confined space with a sick person, no amount of masking or social distancing will prevent viral overload of the average person’s immune system over extended lengths of time.

Here’s another synonymous take: if you need to run in and out of a building in which there is a sick person, wearing a mask might prevent viral overload if you are not in there more than a few minutes. But this is anything but certain. In the other direction, wearing a mask in a room with a sick person for an extended time only makes you get sick more uncomfortably.

Or, how about this valid take away: the only way to stop the spread of COVID / SARS-2 at your local church is to never meet again. One could also send all obviously sick people home, but just like masks and vaccines, this only mitigates risk. It does not remove it.Here is one more not to miss: six feet, schmix feet. It’s a joke. This isn’t ebola.

The best cure for not getting fooled is too often getting fooled once and taking firm note.

The best cure for not being a fool is drinking from a pure font.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
Rev. Fisk

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