Rare steak with a side of soft power

Mad Monday readers will no doubt be aware of the trend for everything “plant-based.” Influential recipe and food site, Epicurious announced last week that it will no longer publish beef recipes. The New York Times reported that a soon-to-be-released document from the UN is expected to recommend targeting methane emissions as “particularly valuable in the short-term fight against climate change.”

One reporter outlines how climate alarmists regularly overstate the contribution of ruminate animals to methane in the atmosphere, pointing out that calculations are often based on the entire supply chain. A Cornell professor reached similar conclusions writing that the amount of cattle in the US has been decreasing over the last couple of decades.

The Federalist podcast weighed in with a light-hearted look at this “unserious” move against beef. They point out that growing crops is not without environmental impact, and worry about the level of control government has over our food through regulation. Epicurious tried to soften the blow by saying they are “not anti-beef but rather pro-planet.” But, just to be safe, why not hug a cow?

In the mean time, the Biden administration wants to pay farmers to leave land fallow in an attempt to sequester carbon. The move could see millions of acres of farmland removed from production.

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