Who wants it more?

Richard Hanania, a research fellow at Columbia University, has written a great piece pondering why “everything is liberal.” Though voting in elections falls fairly evenly between Democrats and Republicans, business and institutions are clearly embracing Leftist values. Considering data such as who is more likely to donate, or sign a petition, or attend a rally, Hanania concludes that liberals win because they are more engaged.

He points out that folks on the Left are more likely to end a friendship over political differences or to take a low-paying job if it was relevant to their political ideals. While this is only a small section of the Left, Hanania observes that the majority of conservatives vote their preferences but otherwise focus on their hobbies and having families.

It may be that conservatives, as Hanania suggests, are more content with their lives and less interested in changing the world, but he warns that unless conservatives are willing to stand for their values, the world they live in will “ultimately reflect the preferences and values of their enemies.”

Mad Christians may draw a few things from Professor Hanania’s essay. But at the least, we can see our strategic advantage – we cannot fail. No matter what purposes are in the hearts of men, it is God’s plan which will prevail. He promises that “none of [our] steps shall slide” while the schemes of wicked men will turn on them. 

With that surety under our feet, we are free to engage our culture, chose our battle, whether large or small, and fight with all the strength he gives. Whether we win all the culture wars or not, we have hope for who look to politics to save them. 

For a TL:DR, Robby Soave and Bryan Caplan wrote helpful summaries of Hanania’s piece.

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