Follow the science

My, how things have changed.. It was not that long ago that anyone who baulked at the idea of lockdowns and wearing masks was shouted down as a “science-denier.” While the data has been bearing out the idea that lockdowns don’t make much difference, now even the CDC has relaxed its guidelines for masks. Emma Green wrote an illuminating piece for The Atlantic recently, highlighting liberals who can’t quit the lockdown life.

While some progressives openly admit they just want to oppose whatever former President Trump recommended, others are trapped in a way of thinking that is, ironically, no longer supported by “the science.” Green writes in her article that some people see extreme caution as “a form of good citizenship” and are reluctant to give that up. Others are still working through the “trauma of the past year.”

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow gave an interesting insight into this mindset when she said that she would need to “rewire” her brain. Even though health authorities assured her that science backs their recommendations, she said it would take patience and compassion for her to not see unmasked people as selfish and a threat. The comments on her tweet show the grip that this thinking has on people, with most saying they would not be quitting masks any time soon. One reply summed up where we are: “I need more than a CDC announcement.”

Mad Christians will see a few takeaways here. We know that when mankind casts away the fear and knowledge of God, they don’t become less religious. Nor do they become more rational or free. Our creaturely status means we will always seek something to worship. The dream of humanitarianism – that human potential is infinite and that our best days are always ahead – is foolishness. Human institutions can’t save anyone and the worship of science leads to disappointment. 

So maybe it is we Mad Christians who need patience and compassion. For the ones who are on shifting sand, fearful of death and putting their hope in masks, vaccinations and mandates, we have good news. There is a hope that never disappoints, sealed by the very blood of Christ, who is the Resurrection and the Life. 

This is the truth which emboldens us to live without fear, knowing it is Christ who ordains our days. May he strengthen us to speak this truth to those who are bound by the rules of a false religion, without hope in this world.

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