Equality ≠ equity

Dr. Koontz shared a weighty article with the Us the Chill Discord crowd, written by Christopher Caldwell. Caldwell argues in his piece that “equity,” as it is used by the progressive Left, is not what most people assume it is. He writes that many view equity as being a new name for the decades-old concept of “affirmative action.” But in reality, he warns, what is being promoted by government, corporations, Hollywood, and the education system is a “radical redefinition of American ideas of fairness.” 

Caldwell cites examples of vaccine rollouts, government handouts, and programs that exclude white people in the name of equity. While he applauds the goals of civil rights laws, he writes that Equity 2.0 is an open-ended, nebulous affair, with the dangerous potential to create “neo-segregation.” Segregating is the logical end of Critical Race Theory, because it pits ethnicities against each other in a hierarchy of oppression. 

Caldwell is right to warn against the consequences of CRT but it isn’t hard to find examples of this new racism already. Progressive politicians are openly admitting that they prioritize the needs of people from particular minorities or ethnicities, in the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Seems kind of uniform, partial, and exclusionary to us, but what would we know?

So Mad Christian, it is definitely worth asking people what they mean when they use the word “equity.” The solutions fallen humanity concoct to fix inequality always end with everybody crunched into one mold, mediocrity for all. Yet God, in his creativity and wisdom has designed us each as unique individuals. To borrow again the helpful analogy, we are like stones not bricks. 

Real equity is not created through mandates or coercion, it comes from a sincere love for others. Critical Race Theory promises equity but can never deliver.

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