We reported earlier this year about the military’s embrace of the ideals of Progressivism. Rather than focusing on lethality, the armed forces seem distracted over ensuring women and transgender soldiers are in their ranks, meeting racial diversity quotas, developing maternity flight suits and snuffing out “domestic” terrorism. Peachy Keenan has written for the American Mind saying that many servicemen are afraid to challenge the identity politics that are taking over recruitment, promotion, and training.

It is a plausible claim— speaking openly about the direction of the military can cost you your commission. Lt Col. Matthew Lohmeier, an officer with Space Force, was relieved of duty after writing a book criticizing the creep of Marxist ideology into the armed forces. While Lt Col. Lohmeier was accused of “partisan political activity,” he maintains that the military is already being politicized and that he wants to draw attention to that fact.

He could be right. Observe this comparison of a recent recruitment ad for the Russian army next to an American campaign. Notice anything? Like one tweeter commented, “Pick your fighter.” “The Calling” recruiting drive is an attempt to make the military relatable for Millennials, many of whom are “ineligible to join the military because of obesity, lack of high school diploma, or a criminal record.”

Peachy Keenan worries that woke politics are “driving competent, patriotic men out of the armed forces right when we need them the most.” Yet, here we can take encouragement from the example of those who’ve gone before. Colonel Ralph Puckett Jr., who is 94, received a Medal of Honor from President Biden recently. Colonel Puckett’s 22 years of service through both the Korean and Vietnam wars show that even in seasons of political divisiveness, there are those who step up to the plate.

Even if we are never called to serve our country in this way, we can support those who do. We may not be “minute men,” but we can train our bodies and alert our minds, so that we are able to help our neighbors if the need arises. We can thank God for the nation he has placed us in—for any good that has been done—and teach our children about what it cost to be free. And we can look forward to the day when wars will ceaseand we will dwell joyfully in the kingdom of the Prince of Peace. 

We thank all Mad Monday readers who serve on this Memorial Day!

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