Don’t borrow thoughts

Buy the best ones you can find, and exchange the more recent ones for them, dearly. The white noise works by overwhelm. You don’t know what you’re losing out the back door when the input volume is cranked to the maximum. Disorientation is not entertaining. Unless you are addicted to it. Till angel cry and trumpet sound,The Mad Christian

Calling good evil

Mad reader, Golgatha shared an article with Us The Chill Discord, which highlights the rise of anti-natalist movements. While the doomsday book “The Population Bomb” has proven to be grossly mistaken in its prediction that great swathes of humanity would starve as the population exploded, Malthusian ideas have consequences. Today, though the reasons may be different, a strange confluence of… Read More Calling good evil

On the Clock

Anyone who was tuned into Rev Fisk in the twilight months of Life Before Covid, will remember his love/hate relationship with clocks. Joe Zadeh, the writer of a fascinating and philosophical piece for Noema seems to have read the Mad Christian’s mind. Zadeh wanders far and wide with his exploration of how time became “tyrannical”, arguing that a tool… Read More On the Clock