We’d like to believe you

A scientific panel has loosened regulations around lab-grown embryos. It is one of those murky areas of science, with human stem cells stimulated to “form clusters that closely resemble the true thing”, a human blastocyte. The stem cells can be taken from skin or other tissue samples. A scientist researching miscarriage and human fertility said that “The blastoids are not embryos, but are ‘a collection of cells that undergoes the early stages of embryogenesis.’” Hmm. He also said, “A human blastoid could not develop into a fetus.” Double hmmm.

The Federalist has reported that a bill ostensibly pitched to address Chinese competition and incentivize American innovation has been hijacked by special interest groups. Rep. Ro Khanna said, “Everyone knows this thing is going to pass, so every lobbyist wants to add everything they can.” Funding for institutions known to use human-animal chimera in their research were among the 215 amendments added to the bill.

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