Unfulfilled by Amazon

Amazon has pulled more than 400,000 products after the US Consumer Product Safety Commission filed a complaint against the retail giant. The products in question include flammable sleepwear, hairdryers that can electrocute you, and faulty carbon monoxide detectors.  While we’re speaking about the world of online retail… You’re not crazy if you question what’s “real” any more. Even… Read More Unfulfilled by Amazon

This is the way

An interesting article written by Shayla Love was recently published in Vice. Love follows the rising popularity of Stoicism, a philosophy which died out in antiquity, recorded largely by Marcus Aurelius and Seneca. The Stoics believed in being virtuous, living ethically but most famously, taking a sober view of life, not stressing about things outside their… Read More This is the way

The plot thickens

Mad Monday readers may remember the foiled plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer last summer. BuzzFeed has released a long story, covering the strange series of events leading up to the arrest of several men blamed with hatching the plot. Of the 14 men arrested, at least five were FBI informants. Matthew Braun, writing at The Federalist, says it is peculiar that… Read More The plot thickens

Land and water

David Larson has written a thought-provoking article at The Federalist about suburbia which may interest community-minded Mad Christians. Larson argues that current zoning laws that set aside large parcels of land for uniform use are counterproductive to formation of communities. While “single-family zoning” ensures your castle is not crowded by a towering apartment building, the downsides can be multitude. … Read More Land and water

Hide yo’ kids

Not the Bee broke the news that the San Francisco Gay Mens’ Choir had released what it called a “satirical” song titled “A Message from the Gay Community.” The lyrics say: “We’re coming for your children, it happens bit by bit, we’ll convert your children and you won’t even notice it.” The video was ratio’d and also pulled from a number of sites, as… Read More Hide yo’ kids