The plot thickens

Mad Monday readers may remember the foiled plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer last summer. BuzzFeed has released a long story, covering the strange series of events leading up to the arrest of several men blamed with hatching the plot. Of the 14 men arrested, at least five were FBI informants. Matthew Braun, writing at The Federalist, says it is peculiar that those were the men “who seemed to have all the kidnapping ideas and access to all the equipment needed for a paramilitary assault on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s vacation home.”

Braun suggests that the apparent meddling of FBI in what may have remained just internet chatter against the Governor, should concern everyday citizens. The threat of foreign terrorism in the early Aughts saw an increase in the power and funding of the FBI but Braun says now the government has turned its attention to everyday Americans. He writes, “tools that were developed to fight a credible foreign threat [are now used] to fight against the political opponents of Democrats.”

In the meantime, the Michigan legislature has yanked the emergency powers granted to Governor Whitmer which she used for extensive lockdowns and other pandemic-related mandates.

When it comes to the Feds’ newly-found interest in “domestic terrorism,” a recent poll has found more people support investigating riots in the name of BLM than those on January 6.

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