A sprint and a marathon

Like it or not, Critical Race Theory is not going away any time soon. James Lindsay ofNew Discourses has been publishing “translations” of “Woke” terminology for a while. Last week, he co-wrote a handy cheat sheet for understanding CRT

While the push for CRT curriculum in public schools may not seem a threat to those who are in private school or homeschooling, it is important for all of us to know the lay of the land. A panelist at a recent CPAC discussion on the subject said, “You cannot live in a country where the public schools are actively anti-Americanizing children and expect that you’ll be able to keep your homeschooling and your private schools. So we have to care about what’s happening in the public schools.”

For those who want to join the fray, Joy Pullman has written about practical ways to fight CRT.

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