Rising levels of alarmism

The media has also been a-flutter this week with the UN’s climate change body, the IPCC, releasing its latest assessment of global warming. While the Secretary General of the United Nations called the report a “code red for humanity,” more level heads are mulling it over. Some have found that the report does not take into account historical data, while others have patiently been pointing out that the models used by the IPCC “run hot”. This means that more warming has been predicted than is actually happening.

(As an aside, the IPCC is not quite what many imagine, either.)

However, the level of alarmism is playing into Progressive narratives, with the Biden administration continuing to put the squeeze on fossil fuel use and production. The Daily Caller challenged the President’s push for electric vehicles as a way to reduce carbon emissions. Apart from the cost of buying an EV, the cars are not “zero emission” as the President suggests. Apart from components made abroad in countries where environmental laws are less stringent, charging stations for electric cars require access to the electricity grid.

The irony of the situation was probably lost on the President who called for OPEC nations to increase oil production amid escalating fuel prices in the US. But conservative outlets did note the contrast, after Mr. Biden’s scrapping of the Keystone pipeline plan and ban on oil drilling in Alaska’s wilderness.

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