Threats, real and imagined

Homeland Security has issued a warning about a vague terror threat after a “rise in anti-government sentiment”. Here’s NBC’s summary (13 minute mark): opposition to COVID measures, and claims there was election fraud represent a potential terror threat.

After the recent withdrawal of remaining foreign troops in Afghanistan, the Taliban has quickly moved to take the country for their own. Distressing footage has been posted on the internet, as civilians try to flee the Taliban’s advance on the capital. Helicopters were sent to the embassy in Kabul to evacuate personnel.

In a press release, President Biden defended pulling troops out of Afghanistan, saying that if the Afghan military could not “hold its own country”, then more time would not have made any difference. However, it is puzzling why the withdrawal seems to have been such a clumsy effort, with munitions and buildings abandoned and unsecured. The President has deployed 5000 troops to help evacuate remaining Americans. 

Pray for safety for evacuees and for the church in that nation.

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