Qui Bono?

Does anyone ever see it coming?

Use smoke to hide fire.

We’ve been fighting demons with Wisdom from the beginning. In the meantime, (archaic) “modern” military strategies cannot succeed against a spiritually motivated insurgency that gleefully embraces the asymmetric advantage of neo-barbarian rules of war. Like “modern” economic theories, and all other such trending mythologies, the fancy words coming from our principle elites are neither principled nor elite.

Your currency is your nation’s lifeblood. Wherever ever it goes, what ever channels it runs in, its debasement will mean the end of all trusts once founded upon it, both formal and tribal. You cannot devalue your money without also devaluing your capacity to reason, for they are in civilization all terms one and the same.

The new world order is just like the last one: under the devil’s thumb. Yet the Bible talks of victory. Not weary resignation.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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