COVID round up

The biggest COVID news last week was that the Pfizer vaccine was given full approval from the FDA. Mainstream media outlets and Dr. Fauci seem to think that this move settles the matter of “vaccine hesitancy” and have called for more vaccine mandates. So after all the flip-flopping, all the censoring of dissenting voices, apparently all we needed was a branch of government to give us the thumbs up and now we’re good to go? Don’t think that’s how trust works…

Delta Airlines is laying down the law, telling employees to get the jab or pay their own health insurance. Other airlines are still deciding whether to mandate vaccination for their employees.

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has been taking a lot of heat for many of his policies, with haters in the media mis-reporting COVID deaths in the state. Many headlines and tweets relayed that over 900 people had died in the state in a day. However, in reality that was the total number of deaths for a month. This is just another reminder to keep your wits about you when you read the headlines.

Governor DeSantis recently signed an executive order, banning schools from imposing masks on students. A judge, however, has kicked back against the Order, claiming that DeSantis has overstepped his authority. So, to sum up: a governor ensuring parents have control over their kids’ health is “overstepping authority” but a judge ruling that kids without masks endanger the lives of others is not? Studies have led experts to conclude that there is a “lack [of] credible evidence for the benefits of masking kids.” Something about pots and kettles comes to mind.

The Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, has banned vaccine mandates for government employees.

A study by Britain’s National Health Service found that nitric oxide nasal spray reduced viral load in patients with mild COVID symptoms. The treatment may reduce the progression of the disease. Meanwhile, India is trialing a DNA vaccine

A report commissioned by President Biden into the origins of the novel coronavirus has returned as inconclusive. Officials aim to declassify sections of the report in the next few days.

The French Resistance: Diners in French turned picnics into a protest against vaccine mandates, which are required for dining-in. The picnickers enjoyed their meals on the pavement, right outside quiet restaurants. 

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