Elections, voting and ballots. Oh my!

The quest for integrity in elections continues in the US, with voting anomalies still being investigated around the country. PJ Media reported that almost 15 million mail-in ballots for the 2020 election are unaccounted for. 

The desire of Democrats to increase their ability to stay in power is evidenced in recent bills. Senator Ted Cruz stayed up very late recently to defeat the HR-1 bill, which pushed for lots of sketchy things, such as ballot harvesting and impulsive re-districting. The new HR-4 bill being considered by Senate appears to be the same thing  but with a coat of paint. Cleta Mitchell at The Federalist outlines why it is dangerous.

Texas Democrats who ran away to Washington to avoid Governor Abbott’s special session have returned to Houston. The session was to vote on Voter ID laws, with the bill now passing to the Senate.

The Supreme Court has stuck down President Biden’s eviction moratorium with howls of protest coming from the wokest of Congressmen— while they continue to collect rent themselves.

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