You can’t handle the truth

“The Science” is at it again… Nature has reported that evolutionary biologists are trying to find genetic clues as to why homosexuality exists. Homosexuality is an evolutionary paradox, in that it is barren by design and doesn’t belong in a “survival of the fittest” view of evolution. Although every study that has set out to prove that “gayness” is an immutable, genetic trait has been flawed and dubious, the idea that people are “born this way” is unquestioned by many.

The late Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy argued for same-sex marriage on the basis that it was unfair to penalize people who’s “immutable nature dictates” who they love. With all that in mind, scientists are now studying whether homosexuality evolved to “help” heterosexual humans reproduce. (You’ll just have to read it for yourself…) It is not impossible to imagine that the Fall has corrupted humankind, right down to the genetic level, but it is unlikely scientists will add that to their theories. And would they want to hear what God says on the subject, anyway? 

In another round of scientific overreach, a recent article from NPR claimed that a medieval warrior found buried in Finland was probably “non-binary.” The evidence? The person was buried with weapons and jewellery. You can’t make this stuff up…

And that didn’t take long… OnlyFans has reversed the decision to ban sexually explicit content from its platform. Assurances from credit merchants that they wouldn’t stop payments from being processed, along with backlash from “sex workers,” means the show goes on.

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