Off to the races

Over the last two weeks, Haitian refugees have been gathering under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Controversy came when mounted border patrol agents were photographed deterring refugees from crossing the border. With some mistaking split reins for whips, the accusations of mistreatment reached the White House, which promptly banned the use of horses for patrolling the border. Although President Biden… Read More Off to the races

Didn’t think that one through

National Geographic, amongst other media outlets has pointed out that the current tally of COVID deaths means 1 in 500 Americans have died from the disease. A terrible milestone, for sure. Yet The Atlantic has published an article reinforcing what studies in other countries have found. The piece reports that almost half the recorded cases of COVID requiring hospitalization were for… Read More Didn’t think that one through

Terror and rumors of terror

Although news out of Afghanistan was less last week, the subject of terrorism was still in news feeds,  with media elites and politicians seemingly wanting to shift focus a little. President Biden’s proclamation that domestic terror was the most “lethal threat” to the USA earlier this year, was echoed by former President Bush’s statements at a 9/11 commemoration ceremony. But Twitter NPCs went… Read More Terror and rumors of terror

Rules are made to be broken

Facebook has a fresh set of fires to put out, with news coming last week that the social media company has separate rules for several million VIPs. A leaked document says that many celebrities, politicians and “influencers” are on Facebook’s special whitelist, XCheck, meaning their posts are not subjected to moderation. Digital content moderation is a booming industry but… Read More Rules are made to be broken