Life imitating art?

Not the Bee brought attention to an interview from 1976, with sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke. Clarke proposes that the future would see people using a screen and keyboard for news and shopping . He also looked forward to radio wrist watches and phones that are “mobile.” The writer said he likes the idea that future media consumers would be blessed to only read the news they wanted, saving a lot of paper. Ah, Mr. Clarke, if only you knew…

In other tech news, Facebook is attempting to limit political content on its platform. It remains to be seen what Facebook thinks is “political.”

An interesting article from Vice follows the story of a hacker who spied for Apple. Andrey Shumeyko gathered information about stolen prototypes, leaked apps, and “anything he thought the company would find interesting and worth investigating.” Shumeyko says he decided to blow the whistle on Apple’s sketchy dealings when they wouldn’t pay for his service. In other Apple news, the tech giant is backing down on plan to scan photos on devices for child porn.

If airborne surveillance is ever a concern for you, here’s a pro tip— train your eagle to take down drones. Or better still, keep a pet alligator.

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