No sissys allowed

While much of the West debates what is meant by “man” and “woman,” the government of China has banned “non-masculine” men from television or guys who spend pay too much attention to their appearance. The move seems to be part of recent shake up on the part of the CCP to discourage “unhealthy attention to celebrities” and promote more traditional Chinese values. 

It appears no half measures will be taken in this quest. Billionaire actress, Zhao Wei, has disappeared from China’s media and her name has been erased from movie credits, with no explanation. Some suspect that her company’s hiring of a Taiwanese actor in 2016 has come back to bite her. The Communist Party has also ruled that children are only allowed three hours of online gaming each week.

Concern that tech companies have too much power and influence in China has led to a $1TR loss as Beijing introduced sweeping regulations. The Hustle has a short summary of the crackdown.

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