Ups and downs

There were some COVID “wins” this week… An Ohio judge has ordered that a COVID patient be treated with Ivermectin. Julie Smith won the court order on behalf of her husband, Jeffrey, who has been ventilated and in ICU for weeks. 

The Federalist is reporting that mass resistance against vaccine mandates has risen in Washington, after the state made it almost impossible to get an exemption.ICYMI An Israeli study showed that people who had recovered from SARS-CoV-2 had significantly higher immunity against the disease than vaccinated people. 

Everyone’s favorite loudmouth, Joe Rogan, has contracted COVID. Having been outspoken against COVID vaccines, Rogan has been taking various medications, including Ivermectin. He said in a post that he is feeling great.And to the battle still ahead… In a weirdly political episode, conservative talk show host, Candace Owens says she was denied a COVID test by a clinic in Colorado. The clinic claimed it would be “unfair’ for them to assist Owens because she “made the pandemic worse” by discouraging masks and vaccines.

The specter of vaccine mandates is still hanging around, with Reuters claiming that 52% of companies say they will mandate vaccines in the coming months. NPR seems surprised that vaccinations rise when they are mandated. While the article claims the rise in cases has jolted people into getting jabbed, we suspect the threat to livelihoods and the desire to go about their lives has a lot to do with it.

golgatha shared a Tweet with Us the Chill. A study about the usefulness of Ivermectin in fighting COVID-19 highlights the point: “Everyone has lost their minds and medicine is now purely political.” Yeah, we hear ya…

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