Deep in the heart of Texas

Pro-abortion activists are not taking pro-life legislation in Texas very well at all. Corporations were quick to show their support for “women’s health,” pledging to pay legal fees for anyone found violating the law. The Department of Justice has also announced that it is suing Texas for violating constitutional rights. 

The usual absurdities arose from Twitter’s death eaters, with Bette Midler tweeting that Texan women should refuse to have sex until the law is changed… If they’re going to practice abstinence, perhaps they might try marriage too? That would stick it to the patriarchy, for sure. Dating site, OkCupid put two and two together— if you advertise that you are pro-abortion on your profile, you’re twice as likely to get attention. So women who are willing to kill their babies are more attractive to the kind of men who are looking for a casual hook-up? Who knew?!

Mexico has decriminalized abortion in a move hailed by feminists and activists as a “historic moment” for the “women’s rights lobby.” The Washington Post said that this ruling will set the agenda for the rest of Latin America. There is talk of “healthcare”, “choice” and even “pregnancy” but still no mention of babies…

While supporters of abortion seem to have forgotten the fundamental fact that babies are people, author Delano Squires made things crystal clear in an amazing monologue: “They hate our children.”

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