Diverse and inclusive

Four terrorists traded for the safe return of US soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, are now part of the Afghan government. Journalists pointed out at a White House press conference that there are more terrorists in the new Afghan government than women. That would seem a useless thing to highlight, except that the Biden administration had insisted that the Taliban install a diverse and “inclusive” government. Women in Kabul have protested the new government, but according to CNN, the Taliban is not taking kindly to protests of any sort.

The effort to evacuate Americans and allies from Kabul continues, but the Taliban have stopped planes from leaving, with the US government saying there is little they can do to prevent them from blocking the flights. Fox News reported that the State Department had also hindered rescue efforts, by refusing to grant approval for charter flights to leave, even for third countries.

The New York Times is reporting that the US drone strike following bombings at the Kabul airport did not take out a terrorist with a car full of explosives as claimed by the government. NYT says the strike actually killed an Afghan aid worker, as well as other civilians. The President was called out for his behavior during a 9/11 memorial, showing that emotion is still pretty raw following the withdrawal from Afghanistan.  

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