Let’s see who’s REALLY behind the mask

Fox has reported on leaked emails, showing that pressure from teachers’ unions caused the CDC to change its guidelines on masking in schools. Follow the science, indeed. The CDC has released data on the COVID death rate for kids and it’s really low. God be praised!

Dr. Fauci is in trouble, after a new report added weight to the accusation that under his directorship, the Wuhan Institute of Virology was given US funding for “gain of function” research.  Senator Josh Hawley has called for Dr. Fauci to resign. Stranger things have happened..

A study on the COVID vaccine’s effect on women’s menstrual cycles has been ordered by the NIH. You may rightly ask why this is happening now, months into the vaccination rollout? It’s hard to say, but The New York Post  provides some insight in its report. An FDA spokeswoman said “We were worried this was contributing to vaccine hesitancy.”

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