The dog and pony [paste] show

The crazy politicization of science, medicine, and everything continues… A Rolling Stone story about the Nobel prize winning “horsepaste” drug, Ivermectin, blew up the news media last week. The story claimed that an Oklahoma hospital was so overrun with patients who had overdosed on Ivermectin that shooting victims were forced to wait for treatment. Pretty much the whole story was wrong, even the image used for it. Not the Bee did a run down of the story, which has been corrected but not retracted.

It would seem the pandemic has brought our divisions into sharp focus. It’s not a neat line down the middle, but the fear, exhaustion and constant array of new information has us all on the ropes. It is little wonder people are less careful to check facts when reporting what they want to be true. Remember the nurse in South Dakota who went viral for claiming dying COVID patients were denying the existence of the virus because of Trump? Rolling Stone should take a note from Mad Mondays— if a news story fits your narrative perfectly, you should be skeptical.

Mu too: The WHO is monitoring the Columbian variant of the coronavirus.

The CDC has subtly changed its definition of “vaccination.” 

Pfizer is working on an antiviral therapeutic drug.

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