General Confusion

It was been reported this week that General Mark Milley, who currently serves as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, went rogue earlier this year. In a soon-to-be-released book critical of the Trump administration, journalist Bob Woodward claims that General Milley made an unsanctioned call to Chinese military officials, assuring them that he would warn them if America decided to attack. It is alleged that General Milley was setting out to assure everyone that things were peachy in Washington during the “turbulent” final weeks of Trump’s presidency. 

However, we’re a bit confused: If you think your Commander-in-chief is unhinged, why would you tell foreign allies about it, let alone your enemies? In addition, Woodward claims that General Milley assured Speaker Pelosi he would prevent then President Trump from retaining power using nuclear weapons following his election loss in 2020. General Milley maintains he did what was reasonable, but the gravity of the situation was not lost on othersNot the Bee went so far as to compare him to the Revolutionary War defector, Benedict Arnold. 

With the military facing mandated vaccination, top brass stepping down in protest over the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and loss of confidence in leadership, it is a good time to pray for those who serve.

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