The dog and pony [paste] show

The crazy politicization of science, medicine, and everything continues… A Rolling Stone story about the Nobel prize winning “horsepaste” drug, Ivermectin, blew up the news media last week. The story claimed that an Oklahoma hospital was so overrun with patients who had overdosed on Ivermectin that shooting victims were forced to wait for treatment. Pretty much the whole story was wrong,… Read More The dog and pony [paste] show

Deep in the heart of Texas

Pro-abortion activists are not taking pro-life legislation in Texas very well at all. Corporations were quick to show their support for “women’s health,” pledging to pay legal fees for anyone found violating the law. The Department of Justice has also announced that it is suing Texas for violating constitutional rights.  The usual absurdities arose from Twitter’s death eaters, with… Read More Deep in the heart of Texas

Let’s see who’s REALLY behind the mask

Fox has reported on leaked emails, showing that pressure from teachers’ unions caused the CDC to change its guidelines on masking in schools. Follow the science, indeed. The CDC has released data on the COVID death rate for kids and it’s really low. God be praised! Dr. Fauci is in trouble, after a new report added weight to the accusation that… Read More Let’s see who’s REALLY behind the mask