An open letter to my congregation

“Keep me from the snares they have laid for me, And from the traps of the workers of iniquity” (Psalm 141:9). This last week the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod Reporter, the official newspaper of the LC-MS International Center ( published a statement by Synodical President Matthew Harrison on the challenge modern inoculation technologies present to… Read More An open letter to my congregation

Spirits in a material world

Worshippers of the Singularity gathered in Spain recently to discuss the religion of transhumanism. Attendees at the TransVision 21 conference listened to presentations about the promise of immortality as a cyborg, in a Matrix-style future. While that all sounds outlandish and far away, the basic tenets of transhumanism are quietly being accepted at a granular level. Eleanor Cummins… Read More Spirits in a material world

Wander and wonder

Harvard Business Review has written about the benefits of “awe”, “The wonder we feel when we encounter something powerful that we can’t easily explain.” Well, Mad Christians have that in spades. HBR suggests that wonder helps put our woes in perspective, inspires “pro-social” behavior, and increases resilience.  The writer suggests taking an “awe walk”, wandering outside and taking time to… Read More Wander and wonder

Not even a paper tiger

The “no jab, no job” juggernaut continued last week, with layoffs in many businesses, as we reported. But could it all be a fiction? Joy Pullman wrote at The Federalist that President Biden’s vaccine mandate is just a press release and has no real authority. Her piece is well worth reading and considering. While the Biden administration is threatening “dishonorable discharge” for… Read More Not even a paper tiger