It’s life, but not as they know it

Protests over Texas’ efforts to protect unborn humans were held last week, with Senator Susan Collins calling the restrictions on abortion “inhumane.”  The white noise is so full of this kind of language that people are inoculated against the stomach-turning idea that it is. Yet, this is where we are— killing babies is seen as humane. But while convenience is the order of the day, exploiting our smallest neighbors will continue. Judicial Watch has released FDA documents that record sickening research that uses fetal body parts to create “humanized mice.” H/T to Jedi Knight.

If abortion devotees were not so blinded by their rage, they might consider a lesson from China. UnHerd published a piece last week, contemplating whether the Chinese government would introduce “forced fertilization” in a bid to stave off population decline. The notorious “one child policy” led to forced abortions and sterilizations, so it would not be surprising if the Chinese Communist party imposed a real life “handmaid’s tale.” It is clear that a society that does not value all human life can become numb and capable of all sorts of evil.

On a brighter note, The Federalist has calculated that Texas’ “heartbeat” law is saving the lives of 100 babies daily. God be praised!

Switzerland got on the “right side of history” last week, approving same-sex marriage and adoption. A UK study has found that some women’s sports are “unsafe and unfair” when transgendered athletes compete. You don’t say?

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