Less Imagination

The state of politics is only as valuable to us common-sense folk as the clarity of our politician’s words. But it’s hard to notice Vesuvius coming down on you while the latest don’t-miss rage-tweet has you fuming.

The nature of human politics is obscurity. The words of the world-power priesthood are not straightforward, but twisted. This is a spell of modern information-tyranny, exercised as a matter of universal misinformation presided over by increasingly physiologically weak people who consistently overestimate the capacities of reality, with a special overemphasis on their own expertise.

If you can’t be on your own side, then don’t expect to win. The only way to fight the scapegoating of the revolutionaries is with the acknowledgment that “being theoretically right” doesn’t win wars or write histories. If your virtue is not girded enough in reality to topple mere boogie men, then how deep is the darkness you walk in?

Less imagination. More illumination.

Commitments are better than dreams.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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