The unwashed masses

The cult of COVID continued purging the unclean this week, with a North Carolina hospital system firing unvaccinated workers and United Airlines also laying off staff. New York governor, Kathy Hochul insists that healthcare workers need to be vaccinated against COVID by the end of September, saying she may deploy National Guard officers who have medical training to meet staffing shortfalls. Hochul also wants educators vaccinated, despite protests. Governor Hochul appeared at a large church in New York City, urging the congregation to be “apostles” for the vaccine. California Governor Gavin Newsom now wants school students 16 and over to be vaxxed.

A fresh study out of UC Davis continues to confirm there is no difference in viral load between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Though findings have shown that vaccinations reduce the chance of hospitalization, vaccinated people can still contract and spread COVID-19. Strangely, basketball players seem to understand this better than a lot of journalists. (See here and here). Warriors’ player, Draymond Green asked the press what we all want to know: “Why are you pushing this so hard?” The non-profit organization, US Right To Know, has reported that Wuhan virologist, Zhengli-Shi edited documents to downplay accusations that the laboratory engaged in gain-of-function research.

And in other pandemic news…

The CEO of Pfizer has said that annual booster shots will likely be necessary.

After re-opening to fully vaccinated casts, crews, and audiences, Broadway has shut down its production of Aladdin, with breakthrough cases found amongst staff.

A health official in Canada says that absences from school will be assumed to be COVID-positive, unless they get tested.

YouTube has joined the “misinformation” bandwagon, taking down videos that cast doubt on vaccines generally, and COVID-19 inoculations specifically.

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