If the levy breaks

Mad Christians don’t need to find conspiracies under every rock to know that evil really exists and that evil people really do evil things. In this age where the “cult of vaccines” has the fearful and the powerful worshiping at the altar of medicine, an instructive case-in-point has surfaced from the nation of Lithuania. A few stories have emerged, though not widely covered by Big Media, of what life is like for those who remain unvaccinated there. Mad Mondays understands that around 40% of Lithuanians remain unvaccinated and are quickly finding life very difficult.

An anonymous man has penned a piece outlining what his life is like now. (See here and here.) Unvaccinated people are not allowed to enter many shops and businesses. Medical care is only allowed in emergencies and for outpatient appointments. Some have lost their jobs. The writer points out that Lithuania was under Soviet occupation in recent decades and deep divisions remain. While people are fearful of falling under such rule again, he says they are apathetic. Our histories might have tracked a little differently, but don’t think it can’t happen where you are.

Waiting for the storm to pass may not be an option. It may be time to brace ourselves for impact. Our church leaders are just as likely to be overcome by the white noise. Watch this sermon from Concordia Fort Wayne last week (around the 7 minute mark) and understand that whether through ignorance or by choice, people are not discerning the lies and obfuscation of the spirit of the age. GK Chesterton is said to have noted that, “A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.” Mad Christians know that we, like St. Paul, are crucified to the world. We are those who were dead and are now alive, washed in the waters of baptism and equipped to battle everything that sets itself against the knowledge of God and his truth. It is hard work to swim against the tide, but if you’ve shaken wide awake, you know what’s at stake. More than that, you know that our Redeemer lives and his victory is sure. Take courage – you are immortal now.

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