Not even a paper tiger

The “no jab, no job” juggernaut continued last week, with layoffs in many businesses, as we reported. But could it all be a fiction? Joy Pullman wrote at The Federalist that President Biden’s vaccine mandate is just a press release and has no real authority. Her piece is well worth reading and considering.

While the Biden administration is threatening “dishonorable discharge” for military personnel who won’t take a COVID vaccine, there are encouraging displays of sense emerging in the white noise. An L.A. sheriff says he won’t enforce vaccine mandates because he can’t afford to lose officers. Southwest Airlines has cancelled 1,800 flights, raising speculation that there is a “sickout” protest over mandates.

Meanwhile, a village in Guatemalan village captured and ousted medical teams sent to vaccinate them. Villagers destroyed the vaccines and blockaded the road.

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