Some lies have legs

President Biden made a curious speech at an Illinois town hall, saying that vaccinated people cannot spread COVID.  While the President is known for checking out from reality on occasion, this is contrary to what the CDC has found. With the unvaccinated providing a scapegoat for everything, including the President’s low approval ratings, it’s possible this gaffe was deliberate. Using data from 68 countries, Harvard researchers recently concluded that numbers of COVID cases are unaffected by vaccination rates, Given that the facts are clear, it would seem the government would rather ask forgiveness than permission. 

The push to get children vaccinated was helped by a New York Times piece which exaggerated COVID deaths in children by almost 15 times! But it was crickets from the factcheckers.

Pfizer has asked for emergency authorization to use its vaccines on children aged 5 to 11. But Sweden and Denmark have paused the use of Moderna vax for young people. The family of Henrietta Lacks is suing a biotech firm, saying cells were taken from her in 1951 without her consent. Mrs. Lacks’ cells were the first to be cloned, into an “immortal cell line” which is still used today. In our culture of death, the weak are preyed upon and it’s a strangely telling that babies can’t give consent to use their cells either. 

Speaking of the unborn.. As expected Texas’ heartbeat bill was suspended by a circuit judge, but was reinstated soon after. The law is to go back and forth, but will likely make it up to the Supreme Court in the future.

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