The parents are revolting

A perfect storm of Critical Race Theory, identity politics, masking, and falling standards has turned school board meeting parents into a battleground. As parents are becoming aware of what their children are being taught (or not taught) they have been taking the floor and speaking their minds. In response, the National School Boards Association suggested that parents are really “domestic terrorists.”

While some incidents have definitely turned ugly, the government’s commitment seems to be guarding the teaching of CRT, not the concerns of parents. Attorney General Merrick Garland instructed the FBI to help curb harrassment and threats of violence against school administrators. Rumors that the “Patriot Act” would be used to investigate or surveil parents were not dismissed by Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

It is fairly clear now that those on the Progressive side of politics have no interest in giving quarter to anything less than complete control of the education of our kids. The Education Secretary recently said that parents are not the main stakeholders in their children’s education. So just leave it to the experts already! But while the Attorney General has a vested interest in Critical Race Theory being taught and schools have a financial incentive to implement pandemic restrictions, the battle will go on.

In some good news on the education scene, parents in Colorado decided to make their own school and got it off the ground in just one year.

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