Some lies have legs

President Biden made a curious speech at an Illinois town hall, saying that vaccinated people cannot spread COVID.  While the President is known for checking out from reality on occasion, this is contrary to what the CDC has found. With the unvaccinated providing a scapegoat for everything, including the President’s low approval ratings, it’s possible this gaffe was deliberate. Using data… Read More Some lies have legs

The unwashed masses

The cult of COVID continued purging the unclean this week, with a North Carolina hospital system firing unvaccinated workers and United Airlines also laying off staff. New York governor, Kathy Hochul insists that healthcare workers need to be vaccinated against COVID by the end of September, saying she may deploy National Guard officers who have medical training to meet staffing shortfalls. Hochul… Read More The unwashed masses

It’s life, but not as they know it

Protests over Texas’ efforts to protect unborn humans were held last week, with Senator Susan Collins calling the restrictions on abortion “inhumane.”  The white noise is so full of this kind of language that people are inoculated against the stomach-turning idea that it is. Yet, this is where we are— killing babies is seen as humane. But while convenience is the order… Read More It’s life, but not as they know it