Will not comply

Vaccine mandates are still creating havoc, but there have been more signs of non-compliance and people putting up a fight. The governors of Alaska and Florida have said they’ll happily recruit police officers who have been fired over mandates. Workers in New York City have staged protests. The NY Fire Department has shuttered 26 firehouses and sanitation services are unable to keep up with garbage collection due to lack of staff. American Airlines has blamed “inclement weather” and staff shortages for 1400 flight cancellations over the weekend… Didn’t Southwest already try that one?

Rapper Ice Cube reportedly turned down $9m in pay, after declining to be vaccinated to appear in a comedy for Sony. Talk show host, Dan Bongino has shut down his radio program, after his employer mandated that his staff be inoculated. Us the Chillizen ek-spoz’d pointed out that northwards, in Canada, people are organizing and resisting mandates. The Royal Canadian Mounties gained 50,000 signatures in under a week from police, health care workers, military, and first responders when they released an open letter challenging mandatory vaxxing. Red State is reporting that one employee’s brave stance has inspired others to speak up at the technology company Siemens. 

And perhaps the strangest of all, members of Black Lives Matter (NY chapter) have protested mandates, in support of Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving, who will not be allowed to play unless he is vaccinated. Suffice it to say, for those of us who think it is wrong for anyone to be coerced to take these vaccines, you are definitely not alone. Pray for each other – this is a tough time for many.

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