When do they pass out the Kool-Aid?

When do they pass out the Kool-Aid?

Many rich and powerful folks met in Glasgow last week, to discuss what was to be done about climate change and to pledge this and that. Despite the fact that clear-headed people keep showing how climate change will not destroy humanity, promises to move to Net Zero emissions were made by the attending national representatives. China and India were conspicuous in their absence, and an article at Spiked wondered whether climate measures might just be a ruse to make serfs of the world’s population.

Britain’s Prince Charles called for a “military-style campaign” to combat climate change, which sorta sounds like serfdom. But teen activist Greta Thonberg, was disappointed with all the talk and slammed the whole convention as a “failure”. The average Joe was probably left shaking his head too. Gajillionaire, Jeff Bezos, pledged a bunch of money to plant trees, saying he got a whole new perspective while he was in space. In his rocket. Prince Charles recently revealed that his Aston Martin runs on wine and cheese (yes, really), but the private jets and endless lines of cars ferrying the high and mighty to the climate summit probably run on normal fuel.

There is no doubt that climate alarmism is a man-made religion, (this video is something else) adhered to by those who shun the Creator and worship the creation, or more likely, their bellies. Mad Christians need not fear the future, but continue to live quiet lives, steward the natural world in a way that glorifies God, receiving his good gifts with thanksgiving. 

Now here’s an interesting theory: a post from Old Timer says that the Inuit people living in the Arctic are pretty sure that changes in climate are nothing to do with gas. They say the earth has tilted slightly and the sun is in a different place. It sounds so crazy to modern ears, it might just be true.

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