Words are Strategic Territory

The truth is he was so glad at being free from his long enchantment that all the dangers seemed a game in comparison.” – CS Lewis, The Silver Chair

Mindset is everything. Words are the framework of your mindset. The battle of today’s warfare is for the right to control your words, and by controlling your words, control your mind.

Stories from far away compound to hijack your capacity to put things together for yourself. Dreams and goals are more often than not somebody else’s agenda sold to you as the price of your freedom. The world doesn’t need new agendas. We need better prayers.

Arrogance is the sin of self-ignorance. But it is not wrong to take back what is rightfully yours. The zeal to set things back in their proper order, even at the cost of sacrifice, is the definition of valor.

If you must die fighting, then commend yourself to the lion.” -ibid.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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