The verdict

Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted of all charges after a Kenosha jury deliberated for almost four days. The killing of two men and wounding of a third during riots in Wisconsin last year was ruled an act of self-defense. There were celebrations outside the courthouse, with motorists honking their approval of the verdict. However, violence broke out in Portland and other cities with a lot of people taking to Twitter to tweet their outrage. Many doubled down on the unsubstantiated claim that Rittenhouse is a racist, and proposing the only way to fix things is to burn everything down.

Some of these reactions would be understandable if the trial had not been broadcast and the evidence laid bare for anyone who cared to watch. From the beginning, mainstream media “downplayed the mayhem and ramped up the hysteria” surrounding the violence in Kenosha. Reports about Rittenhouse were wrong that he was the aggressor. They were wrong about him illegally owning a gun. They have been wrong about many things.

While humans are always subject to their presuppositions, Mad Christians will know, that news reporting needs to be carefully digested. In many cases, there is no appetite part to report objectively or to get to the truth. It is clear that some of the biggest media corporations wish to promote some specific political agendas, while making it hard for the truth to be discovered in other cases.

In the end, those who will not consider that the facts might go against what they believe will continue to grasp at straws. The coordinated effort by social media, politicians, and journalists to push their radical worldview as acceptable and normal will not fly while we consumers of media are using discernment. They may never be held accountable so long as this fallen world remains, but we do not have to conform to the mindset promoted by the white noise. If anyone feels he lacks wisdom, as James wrote, let him ask God for it, knowing our Father loves to give good gifts to his children.

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