The Religion of the Screen

1. It isolates you.
2. Its channels are an input monopoly.
3. It demeans your outdatedness incessantly.
4. It breeds exhaustion.
5. It rules via FOMO.
6. It bleeds just enough eye-candy to keep you coming back.
7. There is never anything you can do about it.
8. What you see is just the way it is.

One medium. Endless messages. All principles of coercion well-known since compilation as universal torture techniques by Albert Biderman in 1957.

Only now we are doing it to ourselves.Telling the truth has never been easy. Acting on it in the face of retribution has always been hard. Failing to act in a time of need is not an option for good men.

Be one.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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